Our Company

IMT UK Ltd is a merchant and topmaker supplying the finest quality mohair, alpaca, camel hair and other natural fibres to spinning mills throughout the world

Based in Bingley, near the heart of the UK textile industry, the company holds extensive stocks of materials in various forms, from greasy fleeces to fully processed tops, allowing orders to be despatched quickly and efficiently.


IMT UK Ltd has been trading in the speciality fibres market for over 90 years and has continued to thrive in a declining UK textile sector due to expert specialisation in luxury fibres which are always in demand throughout the world.

The business was started in 1929 by the owner and founder, Harold Laycock, who traded Specialist Fibres in the districts of West Yorkshire.

The Company was changed to Laycock International Ltd in the 1970’s as we became more of a worldwide exporter of Specialist Fibres. Finally, in May 1983, IMT UK LTD became the full Holding Company for all the group’s trading.

Our Expertise

The company is headed by Mr Nic Fearnley who has over 30 years of experience in the business. During that time he has travelled to many countries and has developed extensive contacts with agents and customers in the global textile market.

Nic Fearnley, working within the group, started on Monday 1st September 1980 after training in sorting having lived in South Africa, Texas, Argentina and Peru to gain valuable experience working with the various fibres.

His experience in this area enables him to supply customers with material exactly suited to their needs and he is always happy to discuss new ways of utilising natural fibres and work closely with clients to explore the most efficient and cost-effective use of our products.


Our Service

Our business has been built on trust over many years, with a reputation for quality and reliability. We are exporting our various fibres to over 20 countries worldwide and have numerous returning clients.

A vital ingredient in offering such services is staff loyalty, with 75% of our employees having served over 20 years with the company. We are very much like a family and this benefits our clients who are also very loyal, as they appreciate the service, quality and price we offer.

Our Quality

IMT UK Ltd has in-house processing facilities and so is able to provide material made to the customer’s specification. We have retained experienced and skilled staff which means we can continue to efficiently produce high quality products suitable for our customer’s requirements.

As well as carrying large stocks of quality fibres for immediate despatch worldwide, we also offer Commission Processing, i.e. carding, combing, gilling, noil blending and de-hairing.

Finished material can be packed into bales ready for shipping to any destination and our bales are suitable for overseas export, directly from the mill.