The first, and most important stage of the process is sorting the natural fibres. This is an important aspect in ensuring quality control and our experienced team have a keen eye for recognising the correct qualities throughout the fibre. 



We have closed our scouring plant and now have our requirements carried out locally at either of the two commission scouring plants which carry the most up to date accreditation regarding environmental issues. The material is opened prior to scouring to ensure a good colour and product is produced.


We work with Thibeau cards that are regularly serviced and cleaned ensuring good quality control.

This is the process where it is very important to add combing agents for anti-stat and helpful running throughout the mills various processes. The cards carefully open and elongate the material passing over the various rollers to form a carded sliver ready for the next stage of processing.



We have Schlumberger gills that take the carded sliver and passes it through these two sets of machines to ensure the correct evenness and paralysation has taken place. The material is then ready to pass to the combs.   



We have Schlumberger combs that have been recently updated ensuring that the machine produces an even and clean combed sliver removing the short fibres as waste that are taken away as bi-products of the combing.

Here it is important to add the crimp to the sliver to ensure a correct spin/turn and strength are in place to take the material into the next stage/stages.   



Penultimate gilling takes place of the combed sliver that formats the sliver into a top.

Here it is important to add small twist to retain the crimped strength of the sliver.



This is the final gilling stage where the combed top is passed through the last gill and pressed into a bump ready for further processing of either spinning in ecru or to go for Dyeing.

This is an automated Signode machine that produces 10.5kg bump with four plastic straps heat binded producing a 10cm central hole down the bump     



We have a press-pack that can load 16,000kgs of tops into a 20ft FCL , this is a service that we offer as well as our own production.



We also offer commission dehairing for mohair , alpaca , camel and cashmere , where we have various degrees of hair removal that includes a special carding cloth designed to remove kempy hair.


Noil Blending

We have a machine that mixes and blends our noils prior to further processing.