Mohair is a luxury natural fibre mainly produced in South Africa and the USA with smaller clips coming from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Turkey.

Most mohair is sold in its natural shade of white (ecru) although there are outsort types of coloured mohair available, these being off-white and greys which are generally cheaper.

The fibre is valued for its brilliant sheen and lustre and an ability to display dyed colours with a unique brightness.

The company stocks a full range of mohair in combed tops and scoured materials along with various by-products and such as noils. 

Mohair can be categorised by fineness as follows:

  • Kid - between 23.5-31 microns
  • Young Goat - between 32-34 microns
  • Adult - between 35-40 microns

Generally the finer types are slightly shorter in length, however longer types for use in weaving yarns can be produced as required.


Alpaca is a natural fibre, treasured for its luxurious qualities. It is available in a variety of natural shades from white to fawn, browns and various dark shaded greys/black.

The fibre is desirable for its heat retention, softness and durability making it especially suitable for both knitwear and woven garments.

This natural fibre is mainly produced in South America with the highest concentration being in Peru.

IMT UK Ltd can offer advice on blending alpaca with other fibres to create more cost-effective materials with added desirability factor.

Alpaca can be categorised as follows:

  • Baby - ranging between 21.5 - 23.5 microns.
  • Superfine - ranging between 25.5 - 26.8 microns
  • Fine - ranging from 27.0 - 29.0 microns
  • Coarse/Inferior - ranging between 30.0 - 34.0 microns
  • Suri - usually around 27 microns - more lustrous than normal alpaca.



Cashmere is produced from a cashmere goat and the wealth of the fibre is all to do with the quality of dehairing.

The animal itself grows a long down hair that covers the soft fine hair. The process of dehairing separates the two types with the soft fine hair being the fibre the world recognises as Cashmere.

The goats come from various countries namely China , Mongolia, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran producing various different qualities of Cashmere.


Specialist Wools

We are trading and specialising in various types of wools produced the world over, that our trusted clients can rely on for continuous supply.

These vary from superfine wools 16micron all the way to Lustre wool types at 40micron. All depending on end use by our clients.      

Our finest fibres are used in the production of some of the world's premium quality items of clothing